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3-Season Tents

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90% of all tents are 3-season tents, Spring, Summer, Fall, with some taking on winter but not snow and showing 3.5 seasons.

The 3-season tent is your standard 3 layers of construction:

1) Top layer is the rain fly

2) Middle layer is the support structure holding up the tent

3) Inner layer is the tent itself

Since there is so much competition for 3-season tents the prices are much cheaper than 4-season tents, and a much larger selection to meet your exact needs.

The main task for 3-season camping is to allow moisture, from your body, to escape and let cool breezes waft through the tent keeping you comfortable on a hot summer’s night. Many times you camp without the rainfly on the tent if there is no chance of rain and dew isn’t going to be a problem – what a view of the stars!

3-Season Tents

1-Person Tent


I like this tent – it’s cheap and has high ratings.

2-Person Tent


3-Person Tent


4-Person+ Tent



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