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Amazon Part I

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I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, usually I pay no sales tax nor shipping charges; I can teach you how to do the same.

Virtually 100% of everything I write about here can be bought through Amazon; hand guns and new products just coming to market are exceptions.

I want to alert you to the fact that I am an Amazon affiliate and if you click a link, on this website, of a product sold at Amazon I get a small fee if you buy – that’s why it’s worth my time to build a world class website and run it on a daily basis.

You can run around town pricing products but I usually find that Amazon prices are the lowest especially if you don’t pay sales tax of 8% to 11%.

Here’s how Amazon works:

Amazon holds many patents dealing with internet sales since they pioneered their kind of selling.  Basically Amazon is like a Walmart store, they buy items in bulk, warehouse them, offer them for sale, collect the money, and ship the sold products.  Amazon stands 100% behind their sales and offers money-back warranties.

Amazon also allows just about anyone else, from a huge Target store to a guy selling out of his garage to use their internet sales platform and sell their products; Amazon may or may not warehouse those items and they may or may not ship them from their warehouses, however they collect the money from customers and when the item is shipped forward the sales money to the 3rd party that actually warehoused and shipped the item; of course Amazon holds back a commission for using their sales platform.

These 3rd party sales outlets compete against themselves and Amazon for your business – they have lower prices and no sales tax if they don’t physically sell in your state.  Customers get to vote on how the 3rd party performed as to shipping and service, this rating service is very critical to picking a 3rd party to buy from.  The 3rd party folks can also sell used items and many times returned items that were originally sold by Amazon are then sold as used for lower prices.

Click the following link for a sample product  Seychelle Straw Water Filter Purifier Drinking Straw (Standard)


More than likely you see different quantities and companies but the same description applies to them:

This is a water purification drinking straw made by Seychelle.  Click on the “by Seychelle” and see everything they sell on Amazon.  There are no reviews by other buyers so you can’t get any useful information now but if there are customer reviews and a 5-star rating that is invaluable information.

Notice the “Price: $15.45 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25” click the Details link for more info.

If your shopping cart is over $25, of eligible products, you get free shipping on this item and the other items.  If you bought $10 of another item that is NOT elegible for FREE Super Saver Shipping but the total exceeds $25 you get free shipping on this item and pay shipping on the $10 item; check “The Fine Print” tab.

ONLY 4 left in stock.

Sold by BigFlySports and Fulfilled by Amazon – that means Amazon DOES warehouse the item from BigFlySports and it is shipped from the Amazon warehouse; Amazon always does the billing.

Click BigFlySports and you will see that they have an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5-stars with 95,808 ratings – that is a super company to buy from.  Look at the rating box on the right for more in dept reviews.  On the left is their refund policy – read it; many times the seller just uses Amazon’s Refund Policy.

Please note that if there are more sellers and refreshing the browser tab may bring up another seller.

Click the 3 new from $12.95

A list of other vendors selling this item now appears.  Look for the FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON and “Eligible for Prime” which means that 2-day shipping is free for this item all by itself. I have another article dedicated to the various Amazon memberships which include the free 2-day shipments.

Hope this helps you – you can ask questions on the Forum link below.

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