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Base-Camp Gun

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I’ve looked at hundreds of rifles, shotguns, and handguns and found one that is a perfect match for a Hi-Tech survival situation – the Smith & Wesson Governor with a factory installed Crimson Trace Laser installed. You can buy it from Cabela’s.

It’s a 6-shot revolver that shoots 410 shotgun shells, .45 Long Colt, and .45 ACP bullets. Basically it’s a sawed-off shotgun that is legal.

It can be concealed on your person, in a bag, and gives you a lot of choices you need in a survival situation.

Imagine you and your family are in the basement eating dinner and you hear a crowd of neighbors outside your front door breaking it down – what do you do? You pocket-gun is a .380 that will easily kill many of them but do your really want to kill your neighbors? You can load 410 birdshot shells and shoot a bunch of the neighbors at a time but not kill them. That same birdshot shell can be used to actually hunt birds if you wish.

However the Governor allows you to shoot .45 ACP bullets that are extremely lethal at great distances using the laser. There are 410 self defense shotshells that will kill and you don’t have to be that accurate.

Basically the Governor can be kept at base-camp or taken on away missions and be concealed on your person or in a bag and give you great flexibility as to killing power. I can’t think of a shotgun, rifle, or other handgun that gives you this flexibility. Again, the gun must be kept in the biometric safe when not in use.

 Cabela’s sells the ammo for this great handgun:

The most lethal 410 shotshell is the Winchester PDX1 Defender:

The PDX1 has 12 coated BBs in the base with 3 copper disks at the top.
















This is 000 buckshot has 3 copper coated lead pellets that form a tight grouping. 
















This box of ammo has the PDX1 Defender .410 shotshells and 45 Long Colt.


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