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Car Camping Versus Hi-Tech Survival

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So what’s the difference between car camping, which millions of Americans enjoy each year, and Hi-Tech Survival?

None that I can think of – just the attitude of enjoyment versus preparing for all hell to break loose; you use the same equipment.

Before the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 there were few motels – small 2-lane roads, in poor shape, connected most American cities.  Once highways appeared, the Motel was created and flourished; until then Americans Car Camped across America on vacation for half a century.

Car Camping is very popular today – millions of Americans do it each year – they load up the car/van/SUV and head for a camp ground where they lug the camping equipment maybe 100 yards and set up a tent and have a blast.  That’s car camping.

Everything in this website works for car camping so I encourage folks to think of preparing for the unthinkable as preparing for car camping – only camping in your home since the roads may be full of dead cars and dead gas stations.  Plan for fun but prepare for the worst.

I also encourage you to actually go car camping with the equipment discussed here that normally lies locked in your survival container in the basement.  That way you can enjoy the money you spend two ways 1) car camping and 2) Hi-Tech Survival.

Car camping/Hi-Tech Survival is NOT lightweight camping – they are two different animals.  Much of the equipment recommended here is designed to be used everyday for 3-months at a minimum up to one year.  Lightweight camping is designed for folks who get a thrill of living a few days on bare essentials – that’s NOT what Hi-Tech Survival is all about.  This difference is VERY important when reviewing equipment, most of the equipment for the lightweight camping crowd makes little sense to survival equipment designed for extended use and vica versa.

Car camping has evolved into RV camping and new forms of camping just being developed today.  It’s fun to get away from the normal and experience the thrill of being on your own.

Anyway, I want to make sure you know the difference as you read reviews where a lightweight camping expert looks down his nose at car camping – it shows in their reviews and can easily lead you to a false conclusion.  You DO NOT WANT equipment designed for 3 day excursions – it won’t last months of hard daily use, and you will tire of it real quick.

I tell folks I’m into car camping – that they understand and are very interested; if I mention the word “survival” they get this kooky look on their face and ask me if a Black Helicopter or UFO has ever abducted me lately.  You might do the same…….

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