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Cooking Kit

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Your Every Day Carry (EDC) kit has a miniature cooking stove but it’s not designed to supply 3 meals per day while away from base-camp.

The Cooking Kit is designed to boil a liter of water 3 times a day and contains pots and utensils to enjoy hot camping meals while away from base-camp.  Everything you need to prepare freeze-dried camping meals is contained within this kit.

The Cooking Kit sits around base-camp until someone needs it and they just grab it and attach it to their belt or pack.

Once you have the bag to contain the Cooking Kit you need to add in:

1) Stove & pot – to make boiling water

2) Utensils – a spork

3)  Meals – freeze dried

The stove you will be using in this kit is the:

Extra fuel tablets:

YouTube of stove:

The only utensil you need to eat camping meals:

Review of this bag on YouTube:

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