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Evaporative Air Conditioning

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If the regional electrical grid is down, so is normal Air Conditioning (A/C) in your home. Your normal A/C works on a closed freon system that compresses freon gas into liquid and then that liquid boils in the heat exchanger part of your furnace to cool your home about 40 degrees colder than the outside air. Nothing is added to this closed system except electricity to power the compressor pump and blower fan.

Freon systems require a LOT of electrical power which your little base-camp solar electrical grid can’t handle. However, there is another way to lower the air temperature about 25 degrees that does not need freon – it’s called evaporative cooling. This cooling is based on blowing warm air over a sponge loaded with water. The water evaporates and instantly reduces the air temperature about 25 degrees which is then blown into the room. This system requires clean water being added to the A/C during the day/night.

Usually these evaporative A/Cs use 12-volt power from a car cigarette lighter. This voltage is available from your base-camp power cell. If you decide to buy and use one of these A/Cs then you MUST have a dedicated power cell to the A/C.

Here are some evaporative A/Cs for your consideration:

This personal A/C is a great way to allow folks to cool themselves down anywhere around your house.


If you buy either of the two A/C units above then you MUST have a dedicated power cell to power them:

If the room temperature in your basement or room used as base-camp can ever get 90 degree F or more you MUST have an evaporative A/C or folks will get sick and can die.

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