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In any emergency except where a EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon has been detonated, GPS satellites will be up and running – maybe.  The GPS is run by the US Military and they can shut it down at any time so only military GPS works.

All nuclear bombs generate an EMP wave that fries ALL electronic equipment turned on at the moment within a 5 to 50 mile radius.  There are EMP bombs now that are not nuclear and do as much damage.  An air burst nuclear bomb will generate an EMP that kills all active non-shielded electronic equipment within a 5 mile radius. Military equipment is shielded from EMP waves and will be the only electronic things running.

The good news is that any electronic equipment not turned on will NOT be harmed by the EMP.  Your car has a computer that runs as long as the battery is charged so all cars will be dead unless they were built before 1963.  If you have a spare car, just unhook the cables from the battery and that car will work just fine after hooked up.

There is a free App that runs on cell phones called ViewRanger and I suggest you download it now and play with it for a while – it does not need an active cell phone tower to show the downloaded maps and the GPS satellites will still work.  Do this NOW.

Google Maps App now stores maps offline so you can use the GPS on your cellphone with maps stored on it by Map.  This is a new feature and the reason ViewRanger became free since storing maps offline is no big deal now. You will have to pick an area on the map to save on your phone but it can easily encompass a large city. Click here is more information. Then save a chunk of the map, where you live, NOW.

Sadly, you cell phone is not waterproof and in an EMP will be fried to a crisp – you need a handheld hiking GPS that is waterproof and can be stored with the battery removed so it will survive an EMP.

Here is a great, cheap GPS that I recommend:

You must find nearby ponds and streams that can supply you with water and mark them as waypoints on your GPS.  The GPS will guide you to the water source at night and in bad weather. Remember, once your stored water is gone you will be sending away-teams to get water and dispose of sewage every other day. In order not to attract bandits you may be doing this in the dead of night without a flashlight on; you need a GPS with the ponds and streams pre-marked as waypoints.

If you don’t know what GeoCashing is then here is a great video – it’s a lot of fun:

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