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Hi-Tech Survival Kits – Part 1: Introduction

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Hi-Tech Survival Kits

The purpose of this website is to motivate you into building your own, personalized, survival kit which meets the needs of your family.  I touched on this in the “How To Use This Website” article that I encourage you to read now.  Let’s get into details now that you have bought your pocket gun, applied for the CCW Permit, and have the gun(s) securely stored in your biometric gun vault.  (If this sounds new to you then you need to read the series “guns” NOW and come back here later).

You can buy pre-made survival kits but they lack so many hi-tech items as to make them worthless – except they cost a fortune to buy and are not made to last 25 years in your basement.  I’ll show you how to build your own kit for your family’s specific needs and budget.

I view our home survival kit the same way as I view our homeowners insurance policy for our house – it costs me money each year and I hope I don’t have to use it.  But over the years, hail, broken water pipes, a lightening strike next door, loss of a diamond ring, and vandalism have had us claiming on our homeowners policy which saved us more money than we have ever spent on the policy since day one.  That’s how you must view your survival kit – as insurance that you don’t want to use but if you ever do you really really need it.

Or, you can be like the other 99% of Americans that assume government will save you and your family somehow – good luck on that and let me know how it turns out.

When fully built, your survival kit will be kept in waterproof and theft-resistant containers which can easily be moved to a car for evacuation if need be.  The kits will be wired together with a combination lock that all members of your family know the combination; safety seals alert you that someone has opened the kit.

Also, some of the kits, the Gold and Platinum, will have some of the equipment duplicated and kept at a storage vault on an exit route from your location.

If there is anything to remember about survival kits is that backups is what makes the kits here unique.  I have picked hi-tech gadgets that are backups to other hi-tech gadgets – the more redundancy an item has the more “robust” the survival kit becomes; able to help you survive scenarios that we can’t even imagine, like 911.

Here are the storage contains that I recommend, use, and will eventually write reviews on:


Each of the above storage contains has a small hole (6 mm) that only the following lock will thread through:


You also need the following security seals to detect tampering with the contains:

I recommend that you build your kits first and then find containers to hold your kit – you will need multiple containers.

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