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Hi-Tech Survival Kits – Part 2: Kits Defined

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Hi-Tech Survival Kits

I’ve put together 4 levels of Hi-Tech Survival Kits:

1) Platinum Kit – for the family that want’s the best and money is not a problem

2) Gold Kit – for the family that want’s it all but not going overboard in the process

3) Silver Kit – for the family on a budget but want’s more than the minimum

4) Bronze Kit – bare-bones minimum but all the bases covered

It’s important to realize that you can upgrade from one kit to another anytime you have some spare cash or realize that things in America just aren’t going to get better for decades and that just the cost of one football game can easily upgrade your family’s protection.  This is important – the Silver Kit contains everything in the Bronze Kit plus more food and Hi-Tech gadgets to make life easier.  Same with Gold and Platinum – they all incorporate the kits below them so upgrading is simple as buying the new food and equipment of the next higher level.

In fact, my suggestion is to build the Bronze Kit first and then add the extra items to move to Silver, then Gold, and finally Platinum.

As I stated in the article How To Use This Website each kit contains 3 months of food and more equipment than the kit below it.  The Gold and Platinum kits have something else – a food cache located at a storage locker 35 miles or less from your home.  This cache duplicates some critical equipment and has 3 months of food stored in the climate storage that costs about $45/mo for a 5′ X 5′ locker.

Of course you can add/subtract anything you want from your kit – ask your family what their input is.

I highly suggest that you use all the equipment on car camping trips – make sure the equipment works and that you learn how to use it.  If something is broken that’s why all the equipment have warranties.

Each kit has a forum dedicated to it so ask all the questions you have there.  Other members can help each other and add their experiences.

Part of your job, as a member, is to locate what kit has what food and equipment and that’s the place to ask questions.  So if you are building a Gold Kit and you have questions about a camp stove that belongs in the Bronze Kit then ask questions there of that item.

The Resource Tab above has the current definition of each kit and what items are needed to be added to upgrade from the kit below it.

So all kits are Bronze Kits and Silver Kits are Bronze Kits with more food and equipment, etc.:

1) Platinum Kit = Gold Kit + 3 months more premium food, some duplicate equipment, and more creature comforts for the family

2) Gold Kit = Silver Kit + 3 months better food and 5′ X 5′ storage locker on exit from home

3) Silver Kit = Bronze Kit + 3 months more and better food plus some new equipment to make camp life better

4) Bronze Kit = 3 months of 25-year shelf-life food and minimum equipment

Each kit is built for two people with easy instructions to account for more people.

Hope this better explains how the kits work.

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