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How Hi-Tech Survival Works

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Let me give you a scenario which represents how this website can work for you:

You are married and have two kids, a 10 year old boy and a 12 year old girl.  It’s Monday morning and all of you have breakfast and you head out on your 1-hour commute to work, the school bus picks up the kids a few minutes later and your spouse heads off to work too, the only “persons” left home are spot your dog and fluffy your cat.  For the rest of this scenario you are George, your wife is Betty, John and Mary are your kids.

10-minutes from work, or 7:50 AM the car radio goes dead – the early morning talk show is just static, you press buttons and all your preset stations are just static.  Traffic is humming along on the 10 lane super highway and you notice that your exit is backed up with cars that exited and now are not moving – you are the last car in the off-ramp.

You put the car in park and decide to call Betty; your cell phone just says “Circuits Busy call back later”.  You then try to pull up a browser on your cell phone and it says there is no internet connection.  Well you wait in your car and you wait and you wait and you notice folks getting out of their car and milling around talking to each other – you get out and do the same.  It’s 25° F outside but the sun is shining as you talk with other folks who don’t know anymore than you do.  You notice that ALL the off-ramps are packed with folks who now are backed up for miles – all the electric traffic signals are dead and folks are heading back to their cars, the temperature on that January day is going to drop to 0° F tonight.

You try to call your wife again, who is a school teacher and her school is 10 miles away but your cell phone doesn’t even say the circuits are busy, it just doesn’t connect at all.  You wait until 11 AM in your car which you run occasionally to warm up up – all the radio stations are dead except one that has an Emergency Broadcast Message telling you that there is an emergency, it doesn’t say what emergency but it’s an emergency.

Folks are abandoning their cars and walking up the off-ramp so you decide to do the same.  At the top of the off-ramp there are thousands of folks busy walking away from you, you stop a guy and ask him what’s going on, “All the electricity is off” he says and you verify that by looking at the freeway below which is now a huge parking lot with folks warming themselves up in their cars and milling around with many headed for the off-ramp.

What do you do?  Do you walk home, which is 15 miles away and a 4-hour walk on the side of the road?  Do you walk to your wife’s school which is 10 miles away and a 3-hour walk?  You try your cell phone again and it’s now dead – it has been trying to connect with cell towers and you have 3% power left, you turn it off.

You guess that your wife will walk to the kid’s middle-school and then walk them home; it’s just a guess but that’s what you believe she is doing.  You start to walk home.  It’s 5 PM and 10° F as you walk up your driveway and see your son in the window waving at you, you guessed right and everyone is at home now.

Everyone has heard dozens of rumors and you all exchange rumors and your daughter digs out a battery powered radio she used to use years before listening to Pandora streaming through her cell phone.  There are two stations now broadcasting  the emergency message but they are automated and you have no idea what’s going on.  On your walk home you passed thousands of folks and even a police officer who was headed towards his station and had no idea what was going on, he only had rumors of 100% loss of power in their area.

The house is now 40° F and your daughter is shouting “Dad, there isn’t anymore water” and sure enough the toilet won’t fill up with water.  You remember that the temperature is going to 0 F tonight so you make a fire in the fireplace.  Your family scrounges around for food in the fridge and soup on your shelves and everyone manages to eat something and drink some sodas in the fridge.  You gather blankets and sleep around the fireplace since the house is now about 32° F.

You wake up in the morning and put on more layers of clothes and head outside where your neighbors are talking and you realize that nobody knows anything.  You notice that no airplanes are flying and it’s the quietest you can remember.

It now occurs to you that you and your family are in a lot of trouble and you have no idea what to do.  Your family is thirsty and hungry and there isn’t any solution you can think of.  Days and then weeks go by with no news and no water or electricity.  Your get water from a nearby creek and everyone is sick and has diarrhea, hungry, and cold.  You talk with some neighbors and decide to knock down the doors of abandoned homes and empty their hot water heaters of water and some cans of soup; one day a shotgun blast awaits you and you are wounded.  This is what you have become.


This website, Hi-Tech Survival, will show you how to survive that scenario and hundreds more I can dream up – not only survive but thrive.

It the above scenario your family will be warm, secure from bandits, have 3 hot meals a day, all the water the want to drink and your cell phone will be working via a set of low-earth orbit satellites – you will be in touch with other folks even though the cell towers are all dead.  You have your lights on until midnight, the kids are playing on their electronic toys and your family is healthy.  You watch movies on your iPad and you have air conditioning during hot days.  I will show you how to do all of this.

In the above scenario you learn that the power grid for North America was hit with a “cascading power failure” but the North Koreans claim victory in their cyber war against us; claiming 10 million Americans killed.  Our military and government did just fine in those 3 months and claim that N. Korea did not attack us.  Of course the Republicans are blaming the Democrats and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans and Washington is busy with hearings to “get to the bottom” of the catastrophe .

However one year later, to the day, Europe is hit with a 100% meltdown of their power grids and N. Korea takes credit for that cyber attack too; Washington says that isn’t true and that they suffered the same kind of cascading power failure that we had.  France launches nuclear-tipped missiles from a submarine off the coast of N. Korea and vaporizes Pyongyang and 6 more cities in N. Korea along with 5 military bases housing their nukes.

Washington says this that is an over reaction and that our meltdown was caused by 100+ year old power grids and is the Power Industry’s fault and encourages class-action lawsuits to “bring them to their knees”.



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