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How This Website Works

A  “Once in a 200-year Emergency” has overtaken America and the electricity, water, police, government, and food stores are not working – here is a possible scenario of what happens next:

1) Your family knows exactly what to do – head home to “Base Camp” – your house, condo, apartment, farm, whatever.

2) In your basement, or spare bedroom, is the “Emergency Kit” you built with directions from this website.

3) You open “Container #1” and strap on your “Every Day Carry” belly/fanny/hip-pack that has everything you need to survive for a few days outside of base camp if you get separated

4) Adults open a biometrically locked safe, bolted to the concrete, with their thumbprint.  Inside the safe is money, gold/silver US coins, bartering items, and guns – they remove and place their Every Day Carry gun in their pocket and lock the safe with the “Camp Gun” securely locked inside.

5) Camp is set up in your home – everyone has duties and chores assigned.  Cell phone and land line telephones are dead.

6) Communication is established via 2-way walkie-talkies having a 35-mile range, with other family members and friends who followed the directions at this website and are doing just fine.  Your cell phone will be heavily used while the cell phone towers are down for GPS routing, texting via a low-earth-orbit satellites that are not controlled by any government.  Your cell phone will also be used for monitoring any radiation exposure.

7) Your smartphone GPS still works with current maps routing you to the nearest water source through the night, storms, snow, and bandits – all while the cell phone service is dead.

8) The next day a “Water party” leaves base camp using an “Away backpack” which will find a water source, purifiy it on the spot and filling collapsible watercontainers which are then returned to base camp.  That backpack contains an ultra compact cooking stove, water purification pump, emergency sleeping bags, and a dozen more hi-tech gadgets to keep the person going for at least 3 days in rain, sleet, and snow.

9) Back at camp you set up your “Personal Electrical Grid” and run your laptops, special air conditioners, special refrigerators, lights, and charging station for a dozen other gadgets, all from something the size of a basketball.  All while there is no electricity flowing in America.

10) Solar cells recharge your power grid during the day and a wood fueled camp stove providing power at night or in dim conditions.

11) After 3-months you decide to abandon base camp move to a “Forward Base” – a storage locker filled with more equipment on an exit route to safer conditions, near a stream or lake.

12) The government, police, electrical grid, water system, and roads eventually come back and you return home – one year later and everyone is in great condition – the rest of society is another matter.

Basically you and your family will survive just fine without the rest of society – but only if you prepare with hi-tech gadgets and concepts that now let you do this and do it cheaply.

Some of the emergencies/catastrophes this website can handle:

1) Dirty bomb attach

2) Food supply contaminated

3) Water supply contaminated

4) Hurricanes/tornadoes/ice storms/floods 

5) America hit with pandemic virus killing millions

6) Cyber attack destroying North America’s electrical grid

7) All out nuclear war

8) Total meltdown of our wonderful government

9) Coup d’état of our government with martial law imprisoning citizens in gulags like the Japanese-American citizens of WW II

10) Chemical weapon attack

11) Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack that destroys ALL electrical gizmos that had any flowing electrical power in them

12) Millions of citizens killed/harmed with unintended consequences from an incompetent government gone insane

I’ve built a fully integrated way of using hi-tech gizmos that cost little but can save your family’s lives.

Welcome aboard………

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