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How To Use This Website

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The goal of this website is to modivate you into building Hi-Tech Survival Kits that are designed to be used in your home if electrical power, water, government, police, grocery stores etc. are shut down.  Look around you and you will see plenty of examples of incompetent governments and Mother Nature inflicting harm on people – America is NO exception.

Please review the tabs at the top labeled:

“Forum” – A place where you can ask questions, and add your experiences.

“My Check Lists” – tasks you need to accomplish if you are serious about protecting your family, if not just ignore.

“Resources” – downloadable kits and supporting information.

There are 4 types of Survival Kits being designed here which are designed to be locked away in your basement, garage, or spare bedroom – you pick which kit your family should use in an emergency:

Bronze Survival Kit: – 90 day, bare-bones set of equipment and food for the budget minded

Silver Survival Kit – 180 day, average set of equipment and food

Gold Survival Kit – 270 day, top of the line set of equipment and food

Platinum Survival Kit – one year kit with the finest set of equipment and food

Each kit is designed for 2 people and thus would be listed as Platinum-2 or Bronze-2.

If your family has 4 members then you might be building a Gold-4 or a Platinum-6 or a Bronze-3.  Each kit can be built in 3 stages and thus it might take you one year to build your Silver-4.  Once you build a kit, like Silver-4, you can upgrade it to a Gold-4 by simply adding the additional equipment and food.  For the family on a tight budget a Bronze-4 might cost $1,000 and take a year or more to build as funds become available.

But a Bronze Kit is 1,000,000,000,000 times better than no kit.

There is a name for a family with no Hi-Tech Survival Kit – extinct ……….

Basically use the “My Checklist” tab above to read, investigate, purchase, and stow the equipment and food for your survival kit.

Use the “References” tab has downloadable documents that must be printed out and placed in your survival kit for reference when needed.

Use the “Forum” to ask questions and make comments.

How to use this website

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