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Notice To All Kooks

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Notice To Kooks

This website is not a suitable place for conspiracy Kooks, UFO Kooks, Devil Worshiper Kooks, any other kind of Kook – you will not be tolerated here.

I find “Survivalists” to be the kookiest of all – this is not a home for you.

Mother Nature and incompetent governments are all that are needed to cause all the mayhem in the world.

You are welcome to learn with the non-Kooks here but the first mention of UFO’s or conspiracy you will be given one warning and on the second offense banished permanently from this website.

That goes for bullies, trolls, and folks with all kinds of mental problems – I run many forums and can spot you wackos a mile away.

Religion and politics are two topics that immediately result in a suspension and then banishment – so don’t bring them up for discussion anywhere here.

Advertisers and promoters to other websites face immediate banishment here – no warnings, no tolerance, your IP address will be frozen out and proxies won’t help you either.  Your IP address will be reported automatically to the top 15 reporting databases to alert other websites of your spam; it won’t take long for any new IP address you use to be flagged as a spammer around the world.

So everyone is welcome until you wear out your welcome.

Kooks Quiz

Take the following quiz and see if you re a Kook, if so don't even think of becoming a member.
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