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Notice to Good Samaritans

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Everyone wants to be a Good Samaritan and save someone’s life or ease their pain; who doesn’t want to be a hero on TV?

However there is a time to be a Good Samaritan and a time to be a SOB; if being a Good Samaritan doesn’t hurt your family then be one, if your family can get hurt then be a SOB!  Make sure you get this right – many folks get it backwards!

See how simple that is?  That’s my Good Samaritan/SOB switch.

If you want to be a Good Samaritan, concerning surviving a total meltdown of our society, then the time to do so is BEFORE society gets flushed down the toilet and NOT afterwards.  Simply stock away more food and water and you can be that Good Samaritan later.

So spread the the word now to your friends at work, play, church, school, soccer games, you name it and you can feel better that you warned folks what might happen and you gave them this website’s link address.  Tell them you are into Hi-Tech car camping and they might become interested.  Don’t mention the end of life as we know it, they think that government will take care of them, and it will be free of course.  Trust me on this; ask some friends what they would do if weeks go by without electricity, water, food, and police protection and you will see they don’t have a clue but mutter “The government must have plans to save us” – sure they do, and I have a timeshare in Orlando that they need to buy too.

So spread the word and give yourself a pat on the back as you sleep good tonight; you Good Samaritan.

However, after all hell breaks loose all those dummies that you warned, and who thought you were crazy and didn’t want to spend a dime preparing, will be knocking down your door – they want what you have and won’t blink an eye as they shoot you and your family.

What do you do when you hear a knock at the door two weeks after our society has stopped working?  You don’t answer the door – that’s what you do.  No amount of begging or pleading from the other side of the door is going to change your mind – it’s time to be a SOB and NOT a Good Samaritan – you only have enough food, water, and equipment for your family and not another living soul, well maybe for Spot and Fluffy your dog and cat.

If you think that you might weaken in the future and let someone in for food and shelter then you need to add more food and water to your provisions NOW.  So if there are four souls in your family now and you think your brother-in-law, who lives 2 blocks away, will drag his family over to mooch on you then increase the number of folks in your survival kit.  Don’t you dare open the door to freeloaders that results in less food and water for your family; if you do I will personally come over and kick your butt.

What do you call a Good Samaritan who opens the door to others and results in their family suffering as a consequence?

A SOB – you’re going to be thought of as a SOB either way because you prepared for the unthinkable; always pick the course of action that does the least harm to your family.

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It's easy to be the Good Samaritan, however you will eventually have to be the SOB if you want to protect your family.  So let's see how tough you are.
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