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Rubber Bullets

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Rubber bullets are used by police forces all around the globe – they are a way of stopping a perpetrator cold in their tracks and not kill them.

I recommend that the first two bullets, in your gun, be rubber bullets for the following reasons:

1) If a bad guy gets your gun and shoots you then you know the first two bullets are non-lethal to you and can act accordingly.

2) Do you really want to kill a person or just let them know that you mean business

3) What if your kids get a hold of your gun – that first shot is going to be a rubber bullet

4) You are awakened in the middle of the night and grab you gun to shoot someone in your home; it turns out to be your brother-in-law

I recommend that you own two guns:

1) S&W 380 Bodyguard

2) S&W Governor

The Bodyguard shoots 380 ammo and you can buy rubber bullets and load them in the top two bullets in the magazine. The rubber bullets leave large black and blue welts on the skin but don’t penetrate nor kill. The next 5 bullets can be hollow point.

The Governor shoots 410 shotgun shells and you can buy robber buckshot that will stun your attacker but not kill them. The next two shells can be bird-shot which will not kill but put a person in the hospital and the final 2 shells can be Defender type shells which shoot 3 spinning disks that penetrate and are designed to liquefy body organs.

The 410 rubber bullets and bird-shot will not penetrate the walls of a home and thus not hurt or kill family members in other rooms of your house.

A Full Metal Jacketed 380 bullet will go right through a person at 12 feet and penetrate other rooms of your house, same for a 45 ACP bullet that the Governor fires. Hollow point bullets won’t exit a person who has been hit so you don’t have to worry about the bullet killing other people in other rooms; however if you miss then that bullet might make it through the wall and kill someone in another room.

Rubber bullets are Hi-Tech solutions to problems of collateral damage; buy them and use them.

410 Rubber bullets can be ordered here







and 380 rubber bullets can be ordered here.

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