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Welcome to Hi-Tech Survival

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My Name is Paul Revere; this is my website

Think of this website as “Urban Survival” – how to survive, in your home, for months without our incompetent government, the police, the electric company, the water company, gas stations, or grocery stores. Technology now allows you to live and thrive without what you take for granted – I’ll show you how.  EVERYTHING here can be used for Car Camping if you choose; well maybe not the air conditioner but that’s about the only exception.

You buy insurance to protect your family from car crashes, your home burning down, sickness, aching teeth, poor eyesight and other things – what about insurance to protect you from the worst Mother Nature and incompetent governments can inflict on you?  You won’t find that kind of insurance anywhere at any price – you’ve got to provide it for your family yourself.  By not being self-sufficient you are placing the fate of your family in other peoples’ hands, namely the government.

I find all governments, in all countries, at all levels to be incompetent; it doesn’t matter which politician is running the show, governments are incompetent with just one exception – their military.  It always seems governments’ best efforts show up in their military which is designed to protect the government from it’s own citizens and other governments; funny how that works. 

I am not Bear Grylls, I can’t chop down a tree, make a 3 story condo with running water, in 2 hours with my pocket knife.

I am not Les Stroud, that Survivorman guy who is always lost, never catches the small critters he tries to snare, and is always eating bugs and worms for a week until he haplessly wanders into civilization.

I’m a technology nut who loves to learn about the latest gadgets and how to survive with them in my home in case the electricity is cut off, water runs out, and roving bands of bandits want what I have.  Additionally, everything used for Urban Survival can be used in normal Car Camping which millions of families enjoy.  Think of Hi-Tech Survival as “The serious side of Car Camping”.

That’s what this website is all about; surviving a nasty Mother Nature and government and actually thriving while everyone else is in a world of hurt.

Let’s start the adventure………

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